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Inovium offers a family of Web-based electronic billing and payment systems. These systems vary by intended application and level of performance, but all are compatible with and interface to all major accounting applications.

  InoviumPOPS TM

InoviumPOPS is the only e-procurement application for the small and medium size business community, municipalities, educational institutions and other entities that integrates true procure-through-pay capability. Where most systems require the user to submit payment and transactional reporting manually, Inovium’s solution maintains the operational streamlining and cost savings of electronic methods and gives our clients the ability to continue with their valuable transactions with the click of a mouse. Our Suppliers are set up to receive payment through our innovative, secure e-procurement payment gateway, and our clients can take advantage of early payment discounts due to the rapid payment schedule our electronic system allows them

  InoviumPay TM
While delivering a full complement of payment options, our most comprehensive payment system emphasizes electronic billing and payment as well as back office operational efficiencies. It simplifies the transition from paper-based processes to Electronic Invoicing, Presentment and Payment (EIPP) with full management control and reporting. InoviumPay optionally incorporates Check 21 remote deposit capture technologies, and is designed primarily for organizations interested in streamlining their billing/payment operations. Various versions of the system are available, each tailored for specific industries.

  Inovium RapiDeposit TM
Inovium’s RapiDeposit system allows the using organization to rapidly convert incoming checks to digital images, and transmit these images to the bank account of their choice – effectively converting paper checks to electronic funds with a turnkey solution.

  Inovium LectroCheck TM
LectroCheck is an Electronic Payment service, streamlining your accounts receivables operations by enabling your customers to securely pay their bills online. LectroCheck allows your customers to conveniently and promptly remit payment online or by check or credit card. Customers can also sign-up for automatic fixed recurring payments for greatest convenience. LectroCheck securely integrates with all major accounting software systems, and is completely branded to reflect your company image, preserving customer loyalty.