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Inovium Introduces Inovium MobilePay, a true anytime, anywhere mobile payment solution
June 5, 2007

Las Vegas (Business Wire) – June 5, 2007 - Inovium today introduced Inovium MobilePay™, a true anytime, anywhere mobile payments system allowing businesses to accept payments from any network-enabled mobile device.

What distinguishes Inovium’s system from other mobile payment systems on the market is that the Payer need not belong to a member-specific network or payment account – any business can make a payment using our mobile interface in one of two options.  Because MobilePay is an integrated feature to Inovium’s full Electronic Invoicing Presentment and Payment (EIPP) program InoviumPay™, the operator can simply select the Payer from the database, enter the amount of the invoice, and submit the payment for processing.  Both Invoicer and Payer receive an immediate email confirmation.  Another option for the operator when a Payer data file is not present is to simply enter the payment information in full – either e-check or credit card – on the MobilePay interface and complete the transaction.

“Mobile payments are the fastest growing form of high technology payment in this country” reports Joseph Meshi, CEO of Inovium Corporation, “but Inovium believes that users of the system should not be tied down with restrictions and requirements for account membership, restricted software, or have to maintain separate balances in offline accounts to make payment”.

Payments are submitted through Inovium’s own servers over a 256-bit encryption socket, assuring the highest level of security and speed of transmission.  Typically funds are available in the client’s account within 24 hours.  Because Inovium MobilePay works in tandem with a full EIPP system, the client is able to integrate the data to the client’s existing accounting system for self-population of the Payer files.

Meshi states “Inovium is constantly striving to provide all methods of invoice delivery and payment so that our clients realize the greatest operational efficiencies for their businesses.”  “With MobilePay, Inovium now showcases a flexible platform by providing yet another tool in the accounts receivable arsenal available to our clients.”

Inovium’s MobilePay interface was specifically designed for mobile browsers and for wide acceptance across the many available mobile units. The steps required by the operator have been greatly minimized to assure the mobile payments take place quickly and efficiently.

Inovium provides a myriad of advanced, essential billing and payment systems delivered through a Software-as-a-Service model.  For more information, contact Inovium at
888-INOVIUM (466-8486)