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About Inovium

Inovium simplifies its clients’ workflow and promotes a natural transition from traditional paper-based processes to electronics. With Inovium’s requisition, invoicing and payment solutions, paying becomes simple – clients’ customers have self-service access to invoices and statements at any time and from anywhere and clients get paid faster, while saving 65-80% of their current process costs. Because of the miniscule start-up fee and “pay as you go” charges, the effective ROI to users is exceptionally high. It can easily be shown that Inovium’s solutions can raise the pre-tax earnings of a typical $10M manufacturer by more than 20%.

We have created a corporate structure that combines industry experience and technical expertise, and a client-focused culture that delivers robust online billing solutions tailored to the individual business objectives of our clients. This is what helps Inovium continually meet and exceed client expectations.

Our Management Team:

Jules Kaplan, Chairman / Founder, has twelve years of industry experience, including Founder / President of ChekFaxx Development Co. Mr. Kaplan was also the Founder and President of M/D Systems, an Account Receivable insurance preparation management company for the Medical Profession, which was successfully acquired by Bristol Meyers in 1970. Mr. Kaplan was involved in several manufacturing companies as a CEO, was a field Auditor for Internal Revenue Service and is a retired CPA. He has been actively involved in software development since 1958. Mr. Kaplan developed the initial application for Inovium Corporation and is responsible for the initial vision of the company. Mr. Kaplan received a BS from the University of Southern California in Business and Accounting.

Sabin Posea, Director of Software Development
, is a system engineering professional with awards won for programming (e.g., UPB Award for Linux Programming). His area of expertise also covers automatic controls for both software and hardware systems. Mr. Posea has earned his B.S. in Computer Science, Automatic Control Systems (Genetic Algorithms Used for Route Optimization), at the University "Politehnica" in Bucharest, Romania.
Since 2002 Mr. Posea has been involved in the development of the Inovium Electronic Invoice Payment and Presentment Application.

Technology Associates